Dawn of Insurrection

Cloud City's Grand Sabacc Tournament
Treachery amongst the clouds

The cryptic message read thus:

“Observe transaction that occurs between ”/characters/darga" class=“wiki-content-link”>Darga’s agent and the Empire’s emmissary during the tournament".

At the same time that the Star Destroyer Assiduous had entered the system, it was accompanied by a transport, and the Imperial ship also disgorged a shuttle that quickly made its way to the planet’s surface.

Meanwhile, the group decided to infiltrate the sabacc tournament using a pronged approach, to better their chances of finding the meeting place and both VIP’s. Vaznic, partly funded by the party and partly by himself, paid the entrance fee to the tournament, hoping to catch a glimpse of the potential transaction, Rhobacca accompanied him as a bodyguard/hanger-on.

On the other hand, Kinsa knew the tournament’s head of security, a human named Jak Mandelbrot, who happened to be a former high security agent in Coruscant in the times of the Republic. Using this contact, and her credentials, she managed to get herself, Stragos and Content Not Found: null hired as extra security for the tournament, seeing as he was short-handed and in need of good people.

Switch was also aware of our presence in Cloud City, and offered us an opportunity: if we could rig the game for his favourite as the winner of the tournament (by any means we could think of without arousing suspicion), we would be rewarded with 5% of the winner’s take. This would happen to be a Twi’lek starship captain who went by the name Koro’mo Moro.

The first couple of days of the tournament went by without much trouble (people tried to smuggle in weapons, several of which the guard party members were able to find and confiscate).

There were several high profile players in the tournament, but the most important of these were: Criska, an aggressive Rodian; Silas Dreiver, a suave human; Lady Miroarna Fioro, a billionaire Hapan noblewoman; Koro’mo Moro, the Twi’Lek starship captain; Vol Sasai, a female Neimoidian, and Liutenant Armin Arandis of the Imperial Navy.

At the end of the second day, however, once the party had returned to the noble’s room in the Yarith Bespin, they found a message addressed to them that said:

“I know what you’re up to. We need to speak”

Assuming trouble of a sort, the party decides to investigate the message. However, Stragos and Kinsa decide to move on ahead, taking advantage of their stealthier natures. When they reached a loading platform, being patrolled by a couple of jetpack-wearing winged guards, however, Kinsa commed back to the others to move up, inadvertently triggering the ambush set up for them.

After a vicious fight in which several winged guards were killed, and in which Kinsa was brutally wounded (half of her lower jaw was incinerated by a blaster rifle shot), the party was victorious, albeit not any closer to knowing who had sent the message luring them to the ambush.

Bespin's Cloud City
Searching for signs of Darga

The band of adventurers arrived in the Bespin system quietly, without arousing suspicion, several days before the beginning of the Grand Inter-Sector Sabacc Tournament, which is to be held in Cloud City’s largest and most oppulent hotel, the tournament’s historical host, the Yarith Bespin Hotel.

When they arrived in Cloud City, they immediately began searching for clues about Darga’s whereabouts using various methods. Asha began scouring docking codes and clearances to find where Darga’s yacht could be stashed. Meanwhile, the rest of the team started gathering information from potential sources in Cloud City’s underground.

After some digging, they were approached by a couple of Ugnaughts, named Feire and Keire, who after some hesitation, told them about a Tibanna gas syphoning operation being conducted in a certain area of the city. The party headed out, and after some preliminay scouting, they ambushed these rogue Ugnaughts. After a failed attempt at tracking the shipment’s destination, they returned to the first two Ugnaughts, who further aided them by telling them that a known acquaintance of Darga’s, a shady Rodian dealer named Qualog would be meeting with a human, a Baron Kithriss.

This Baron Kithriss, originating from Chandrilla, was part of a new breed of nobles who had sprung up after the Clone Wars, and they were complete psychophants to the Emperor.

Qualog’s store is infamous for its ability to procure “special merchandise” in Cloud City’s restricted environment, and it is located in the lower, un-patrolled levels. The group thus heads out to find out more about this meeting, but alas, they are too late to set up an ambush and are not able to catch the Baron and his retinue of guards unawares. These were a couple of female Theelin, wearing energy propulsor shields, and apparently ex-clone troopers.

After a short but vicious battle, in which Stragos’ and Content Not Found: null eagerness got the better of them, the baron’s group was dispatched, but unfortunately there were no survivors. However, they were able to recover a credit chip containing 5000 credits, a security clearance card, allowing the carrier and 4 “guards” to carry personal weapons, and one of the Theelin’s shields, as well as a keycard for a room in the Yarith Bespin Hotel.

After disposing of the evidence (by chucking it over the side into the unfathomable abyss below), the group headed to the hotel, where they found clothing, a terminal and not much else. However, after some waiting, just as they received a message from the Banshee indicating the arrival of an Imperial Star Destroyer in the Bespin System, they receive a cryptic message in the terminal.

The Information Hunt
Demos, The Resurgence & Vatusk

After a harrowing escape from Inquisitor Valin Draco‘s forces in Cato Neimoidia aboard the Banshee, the team begins to interrogate Demos for information regarding Stragos’ sister, Darga‘s hideout and the infamous Inquisitor himself. Regarding the sister, his knowledge only went so far as to when he delivered her to Draco; what he did with her later, Demos was not privy to that information. As to Darga, he said that there are plenty of small palaces and fortresses owned by Darga, but the surest best to find him would be to track one of his fences, located in Vatusk, who’d be able to point us in the direction of his hideout (for the right price, or right information). Last but not least, he only passingly mentioned Draco belonging to some sort of secret Imperial order, and his dealings were short and abrupt.

With nothing further to glean from him, the team shot him out in a life-pod after dropping out of hyper-space near a mining facility, before jumping once again, this time heading towards the frigate Resurgence. Unbeknownst to most of the crew, Kinsa, in an effort to avoid Demos potentially becoming a problem down the line, asked and got 94-P to plant a time-delayed explosive in said escape pod, set to go off a couple of hours after having released it, and several hours before its programmed arrival to the mining facility. She implemented this ruse in order to salve the conscience of the more squeamish members of the team. What they didn’t know couldn’t hurt them. However, when the explosive went off and Demos was killed, his life force fading away into the empty void, both Vaznic and Stragos felt the shock of its vanishing ripple through their link to the Force, but attributed to equipment malfunction or another type of mishap thanks to some subtle prodding by Kinsa.

When the team arrived aboard the Resurgence, they were immediately debriefed while Jedi Master Denia was taken to sick bay to recuperate. They recounted what had ocurred on Cato Neimoidia, sparing some of the details of the Imperial delegation. Afterwards, Kinsa asked to speak to Admiral Varth personally, and informed him that one of the members of said delegation was in fact a double agent, since they had seen her in Senator Organa’s palace when they had been there.

After this, they rested up, and the following day they made their way to Verdusk aboard the Banshee. Jedi Master Denia, now more recuperated, began instructing Stragos and Vaznic, and later instructed Vaznic to land on Verdusk to undertake a special trial that all Jedi Initiates must undertake. Meanwhile, Kinsa and 94-P would go to Verdusk station and find information about Darga’s fence.

Vaznic descended to Verdusk surface, with Rhobacca and Asha accompanying him, as much to reconnect to a forested planet, which they yearned for, as to hunt the famous tripanthers, with their glorious chameleon-like hides. Vaznic emerged after the third day with a new since of purpose and inner knowledge, while Rhobacca, who had tried to stealthily kill a couple of tripanthers from long range, barely grazing them, until finally, disgusted with himself, he gave up. However, he was ambushed by a waiting tripanther, and he sliced its head off with his vibro-machete with one fel blow, gaining its prized cloak.

Meanwhile, on the station, Kinsa and 94-P began their search in one of the bars, where after a bit of sabacc gambling and buying some drinks, she got the location of a fence, named Garala Kuk, known to deal with several Hutts in the sector. Once there, after haggling for some specialized equipment, she was able to glean the fact that Darga was apparently hiding somewhere in Cloud City on Bespin. Now it was the team’s job to find him and capture him.

The Escape (part 2)

As soon as holo-projector shut off, Demos gestured to one of the guards in the dimly lit room, a heavily armored trandoshan. He started giving instructions regarding many aspects of Darga‘s operations which had to be taken care of before the imminent arrival of the Inquisitor, including the elimination of Darga’s “traitorous” posse. As this unfolded, Kinsa had been thinking up a way to gain more time and keep the alleged majordomo from summoning more reinforcements. Suddenly, as the trandoshan moved off towards a comport near the far wall, Kinsa had an idea, an although it would place Stragos in quite a bit of danger (obviously preying on Stragos’ great desire to confront this being who had information about his sister to overcome this particular reticence), she saw no other choice, as she needed a distraction in order to stop the trandoshan. So, via a whispered com chat, she outlined her plan, in which Stragos would walk up to Demos, stall him for several seconds, while she made her way hugging the shadowy walls and disable the trandoshan and block the doorway to impede the reinforcements that were on their way.

As soon as the plan was outlined, Stragos leapt into action and boldly strode into the chamber, while Kinsa began to stealthily make her way through the shadows. As soon as Stragos challenged Demos in the middle of the room, he captured all of the Gamorrean‘s attention, but Demos was not so easily fooled, and he managed to espy Kinsa just as she was about to reach the northern doorway which opened into a long corridor leading outside, sealing the blast door. Thus, Kinsa seized the momentary lapse in the Gamorrean’s attention, and shot the trandoshan, stunning him for several seconds. This also signaled the rest of the group to move into the chamber and engage the rest of the guards. Stragos unsheathed both of his vibroswords quickly and stabbed a Gamorrean, severing his spine. Vaznic entered the room, and Sensing but not seeing a powerful Dark Side presence, tried to pinpoint its location, but was unsuccesful. Rhobacca moved up to the entrance of the room and shot one of the guards in the head, dropping him instantly, while 94-P wheeled himself in and scanned for targets amidst the shadows.

As this happened, the trandoshan recovered his wits and opened the blast door he was next to, and four more Gamorreans poured into the chamber just as Kinsa shot one of the original guards in the head. As Stragos looked for his next target, he was suddenly overcome by a powerful sense of fear and impending doom, as if the end of Creation were bearing down upon him. At once, before he could help himself, he sprinted down the hallway from which the team had come from, but after a few seconds, his fear and shame quickly turned into anger, and surrendering to a whispered stirring of the Dark Side, he broke free of the Force-induced panic and raced back into the fray. Meanwhile, a couple of the new Gamorreans charged Kinsa and Vaznic, while another charged 94-P and another tried to hit Rhobacca. Most of them were unable to inflict damage upon their targets, save for Kinsa, who was struck a dazing blow, luckily having most of it absorbed by her armor, but still knocking the breath out of her. In the mean time, 94-P managed to narrow the area in which Demos was hiding, and shot a concussion grenade at it, momentarily stunning Demos and the trandoshan who was standing next to him.

At this moment, Asha informed the team that a shuttle was inbound, probably the one containing the Inquisitor, so thay had to hurry. Seizing the opportunity, both Kinsa and Vaznic dispatched the Gamorreans standing in their way, as did Rhobacca, and Stragos, who had raced back into the fray in a rage-fueled berserker charge which left the last Gamorrean somehow hacked in half, with a SHORT vibro-sword. 94-P lobbed another grenade at the couple of foes remaining, further incapacitating them by knocking them unconscious.

Asha urged the team to quickly head outside, because the Imperials were soon to arrive. 94-P opened the blast doors and began moving as quickly as he could down the long hallway using his thrusters. Kinsa asked Rhobacca to restrain Stragos, to keep him from killing Demos in his altered state, and ordered Vaznic to follow 94-P to the exit. As soon as Stragos calmed down, Kinsa told him to head out with the others while she helped Rhobacca carry the Twi’lek. As soon as both of them were off down the hallway, she told Rhobacca to start carrying Demos, and consequently shot the trandoshan in the head and went over to help the Wookie. After several seconds of sprinting, they caught up with the rest, but just as they were nearing the exit, 94-P’s thrusters ran out of fuel and he stuttered to the floor. Kinsa saw that it was moving more slowly, so she went back to help pull it forward faster. Everybody else had managed to board the Banshee, and the few seconds they were exposed left them exposed to fire from Imperial Stormtroopers, scorching Kinsa’s armor but not much more than that.

The team had managed to escape, with their prisoner in tow, but what would they do with him now?

The Imperial Deal, Darga's Secret Vault and The Escape (part 1)
Dreams of blood red eyes and shadow shapes plague our Force-wielders

After the fight in which Stragos defeated Naglor, the party retired to their quarters. However, during the middle of the night, several assasin’s crept into their rooms, only giving themselves away mere seconds away before striking the adventurers in their sleep. This gave most of them the valuable seconds they needed to fend them off and eventually kill them, save for one, who was able to flee. Apparently the Gamorrean posted as a guard was in their pay, because he also joined the fray, and was cut down in turn. After thoroughly searching through their remains, the party could find no discernible clues to determine who had sent these assasins, and so they determined to tell Darga of the incident and up their security measures for the future.

The next day, when hearing of this, Darga just laughed it off and said that we had probably angered some other subordinate of his and they were just trying to bring things back to the way they were, and we would just have to deal with it, else he’d have no use for us either.

For that day’s agenda, there was a scheduled meeting with a delegation from the Empire. They arrived without much fanfare, but Darga was clearly nervous at dealing with them. They came in demanding several things, and Kinsa, through her negotiating skills and tact, managed to convince Darga, and the Imperial Envoy, of only acceding to one of those demands: particularly, a 100% increase in the shipments of processed Vespin gas for 80% increased profits (originally it was a lower sum, but Kinsa managed to gain concessions in that regard). However, she managed to convince Darga to refuse the Imperial “offer” of establishing an “outpost” near or in his installation, advocating that it increased the chances of drawing attention, something the Imperials desperately wanted to avoid. And last, she managed to get Darga to refuse selling sentients (slaves) to the Imperials. After these discussions were over, the delegation quickly took their leave. Throughout this exchange, Vaznic and Rhobacca noticed that one of the members of the Imperial delegation looked familiar: they remembered seeing her in Alderaan as part of Bail Organa’s household guard.

In the meantime, Asha had gone to the accountant’s office, and in a moment of inattention, she swiped his keycard, made a copy of it, and put it back where she found it.

After these negotiations, everybody adjourned to their quarters. During their sleep, both Vaznic and Stragos once again had peculiar dreams, even more vivid and forceful than before. They witnessed a Jedi starfighter landing in Cato-Neimoidia, a being of pure light stepping out of it and entering a strange structure, when suddenly the structure collapsed. They hear a voice whispering, asking for help, weakening with each effort. Suddenly they are enveloped in darkness, and they are faced with a greater shadow, of a humanoid shape, whose only distinguishing features are its burning red eyes. At that point, they both wake up, with a lingering sensation that whomever is calling for their help is below them, and after conferring about their dream, they convince the team to head below instead of leaving the planet (after all, their main goal was complete: find out information about Darga’s dealings with the Empire). They asked Asha to sneak out and bring their ship nearby and have it ready to pick them up for their escape.

The group headed stealthily to the elevator that headed to the deeper levels, and without being detected, they proceeded downwards. On this lower level, Stragos and Vasnic followed their Force-enhanced senses unerringly through a maze of corridors, switch-backs and dimly-lit intersections until the party arrived at a doorway. They entered, and inside, they saw a medical ward, empty for one stall, which held a single humanoid being. As they neared the bed were the figure lay, they saw that it was an older human female, and both Stragos and Vasnic confirmed that the Force emanated strongly from her, although it felt subdued somehow, probably from all the drugs being fed to her through the IV’s to which she was hooked up. Vaznic kept his distance, but Stragos crept closer, and touched her hand. At once he was overcome with a sense of calm and peace, and all his worries and anger disappeared.

At that point, the group decided to try to wake this stranger up, despite the consequences. Kinsa busied herself with the medical controls, and in short order had the woman unhooked. Inmediately, her eyes opened, and gained focus, staring at each party member in turn. In moments, she gathered herself and sat up (a momentous feat, by Kinsa’s reckoning, taking into account all of the drugs that were still in her system). She asked where they were, how the war fared, who they were and why they were here. Kinsa answered that the war had ended a year or more earlier, the Chancellor had become the Emperor, and that they were undercover agents working for Bail Organa, and that two of their party sensed her down in this vault. She then introduced herself as Jedi Master Denya, who had been on a mission with Jedi Master Plo Koon, and inquired after the status of the Order and the Council. Kinsa informed her that the order had been disbanded and that all Jedi were hunted as renegades throught the galaxy, particularly the Core Wolrds. The Jedi Temple had been burned to the ground, the younglings slaughtered, and most Jedi gunned down.

However, Kinsa stated the urgency of their escape, due to the fact that they might have triggered an alarm, or might still in their efforts at escaping, so they must hurry to their rendevouz. They took to the tunnels once more, and were just about to climb the elevator when its door shut, and a blast door sealed the stairs leading up to the upper levels. In turn, a secret passageway opened up, in which four Gamorrean Guards were quickly making their way to ambush the group.

Stragos took up a position near the entrance, while Rhobacca aimed and fired at one of the guards, killing it instantly. 94-P then proceeded to launch a flash grenade at the remaining Gamorreans, disabling them all. Meanwhile, from the corridor they had arrived from, a couple of Gamorrean Bashers appeared. Kinsa shot one, temporalily stunning it, but the other one landed a vicious blow across her chest that knocked the wind out of her in turn. Rhobacca managed to land a disabling strike on that Basher, meanwhile, Stragos approached the first one, who had amanged to regain its wits. He was unable to connect with his vibroblades, which normally would have left him exposed. The Basher, seeing this, swung with all his might in what would have been a fatal blow, if it weren’t for Stragos’ extraordinary agility and reflexes, which allowed him to deflect the blow downward with both of his blades just enough in order to jump over the wicked axe’s sweeping blow. Meanwhile, Kinsa shot the other, stunned, Basher in the head, killing him. At this point, Vaznic moved to attack the remaining Basher, who in turn struck at him, leaving a deep gash on his arm. However, the combined attacks of the party managed to wear him down until finally, Vaznic exacted retribution upon his mauler, and ran him through with his lightsaber.

After recuperating for a couple of minutes and patching up minor wounds, the group took the elevator up, and proceeded to advance towards Darga’s throneroom. There, they were met with a chilling sight: Demos, kneeling, speaking to a hologram of a shrouded figure with red eyes; there were several guards spread throughout the room. During the course of their conversation, the Inquisitor (as it identified itself), ordered Demos to have the prisoner ready, as well as any others who might prove useful. He also asked Demos’ about Darga’s whereabouts; the butler answered that the Hutt had fled in hus personal yacht during the night, but he would track him down.

Now the party must decide if they kill or capture Demos, or try to stealthily make their way out of Darga’s palace.

Digging into Darga
Getting your hands dirty

The following day, Darga’s protocol droid, TC-663, informed the group that he had a message for them originating from Zel Sonn Station; in other words, this droid worked for Switch. He informed the group that information uploads were being made by someone in the compound at hours in which Darga would be asleep. Alas, they were encrypted, so he had yet to determine the content of said messages. He was willing to sell us this information in exchange for the decrypting it, and the group agreed. Asha and P-94 started working on it and had the decoded message in short order. The contents indicated that Demos, Darga’s butler, was the one sending the message to the Imperials, and it referenced slaves, and in particular, one prisoner’s “potential”. This could possibly refer to a Force-Sensitive sentient being.

Some time later in the day, Demos announced the impending arrival of a retinue of members of the Iron Ring, a large slave-trader group, amongst other things. This was a surprise visit, which irked Darga greatly. The slaver contingent was led by a Zabrak named Goran Varstok, who was followed by a couple of humans, two chained Twi’leks, one very grizzled, dark-furred, one-eyed wookie named Naglor, and a Rodian carrying a sniper rifle. Rhobacca immediately growled at the clearly older wookie, who just balefully glared back.

The slavers accused Darga of selling them sub-par quality slaves, and wanted arefund and to re-negotiate the terms of their trade agreement. Darga was not pleased at having to deal with this inconvenience, and directed looks to Kinsa and her team to deal with the issue. After a couple of minutes, and Darga getting more restless andannoyed, Kinsa approaches Demos to ask permission to approach Darga, andDarga scolds her for asking someone elses permission. As she approaches the dais and begins dealing with the slavers, Vaznic notices that one of the Twi’leks, who was dancing, apparently slipped something into a drink that a servant was bringing to Darga. He notifies Kinsa via their comlink, and as Darga raises the glass to his lips, she bids him not to, declaring that it had been poisoned by one of the slaves. This outrageous behaviour, the slavers assured, was not of their doing, but being it their slave who did it, Darga used it as leverage to squish all of their demands. Kinsa also suggested that this affront stained the slaver’s honor (such as there is), and in order to make up for it, they should offer a combatant for the upcoming gladiatorial games. Naglor stepped up and accepted the challenge, roaring in wookieese. Darga glanced in the team’s direction, and Stragos stepped up, brandishing his vibro-blades. Thus the games were set to begin!

The first fight was Warren versus a couple of vibro-axe weilding Gamorreans. Darga asked if anybody cared to make wagers, and Vaznic took him up on the offer. The bout ended with Warren surviving, barely, having killed the second pig man shortly after having one of his feet severed. The betting was tied, as neither Darga nor Vaznic managed to win much over the other. The next fight was acouple of sentients, clearly related, fighting against a large lizard-like creature. They worked as a team very efficiently and in quickmorder dispatched the beast. Another round of betting took place between Darga and Vaznic, and the result was the same: tie. For the last bout of the day, Stragos and Naglor step into the arena, which had been modified as the Board of Death. The arena was separated into 9 sectors, one of which would randomly drop its floor and open up into a pit full of spikes. As the fight begun, Stragos’ sector dropped beneath his feet, but his reflexes allowed him to cling to the corner, and climb out before Naglor was in a position to attack him. After trading a couple of blows, Stragos dodging and Naglor parrying, Stragos feinted, and having thrown Naglor off-balance, ran him through with his weak hand blade, severing his spine. As this happened, the Rodian from the Iron Ring took aim with his rifle in a fit of anger; Kinsa, seeing this, pulled out her blaster and placed it against the Rodian’s temple, warning him not to do something foolish. This round of betting also ended in a tie between Vaznic and Darga.

Darga the Hutt
Entering the grub's lair

After capturing Warren, Kinsa and Rhobacca interrogated him, and through their methods of coercion managed to get him to take the team to Darga’s palace. Once there, Warren introduced us, with great trepidation. We are allowed inside, but Warren is taken into custody after being told he was in serious trouble. As the team was lead through the hallways, they felt observed, and Vaznic even felt the presence of a camouflaged Force-User.

Darga´s throne room is both oppulent and repulsive, catering obviously to the Hutt’s every whim and desire; incense cloyed the air, drapes covered the walls, and a central dais dominated the room, atop which reclined the giagantic worm-like sentient being- A balcony over-looking an unseeable terrace loomed behind him.

The team shows respect to Darga as they are brought forward, and they introduced themselves as a very capable group of mercenaries looking for work for the most powerful entity in Cato Neimodia, that being Darga., thus the team looked into who ran things, and came into knowledge of him, even though he’d kept layers of underlings (which they carved through in order to get through to Darga) to maintain his distance.

He is impressed by our skill and determination, but cautious as always, he begins setting up trials to determine our worth and loyalty. His first task is to carry out Warren’s execution. Kinsa declines the offer, instead countering with offering Warren a last chance to prove himself worthy, through gladiatorial combat. Darga appeared to enjoy the idea and sanctioned it. After that, he ordered a feast be set up, and the team sat down to eat and converse with order members of his “court”.

During this momentary “lull”, Asha seizes the opportunity to sneak away and begins exploring Darga’s palace. During her wandering, she finds an Aviary, another room holding an aging Duros at a workstation, who, after a closer look, appeared to be Darga’s accountant. This Duros seemed very lonely and very amenable to giving involuntary information in exchange of giving him company.

Meanwhile, Vaznic, curious to find out who was the Force-User in Darga’s keep, emanates another cloaked Force Pulse to sense him, but fails to conceal his own sensitivity in the process. This resulted in Darga’s majordomo, Igren Demos, detecting him. At least it was now “out in the open”.

Kinsa and 94-P, on the other hand check out their rooms, which are obviously bugged, and inform the rest of the squad of this fact. After a while they all go to sleep. During the night, both Force userssuffer dark dreams. Stragos wakes up in the middle of the night, hearing voices pleading for help. He leaves his room, following them, but meets up with some guards who tell him to go back to his room, before he finds them.

The next day, Kinsa and Asha go to the Duros, a fellow named Gome, and start chatting him up. He explains that he has worked for Darga for decades. Also, at the end of the clone wars, Darga seized control of a smuggling operation of Tibana gas when his previous boss was killed by separatists.

The Empire approached Darga in order to get the Tibana gas off the books, without the usual bureaucratic red taped, in order to not leave a paper trail. This gas is refined in Vespin. In exchange, Darga receives “goods” or “benefits” of some kind. The exchanges are swift and efficient, and Darga has an office in Cloud City that handles them.

Sarra and contacting Darga
To find a slug, you have to roll around in the dirt

After Admiral Varth’s rather succint briefing, the team gathers its things, climbs aboard the Banshee, and beins the trip to Cato Neimoidia, in the Industrial Sector of the Galaxy.

This planet, one of the homebases of the Trade Federation during the Clone Wars, was heavily bombarded during a planetary siege, and it was comprised of many spires connected via skybridges, and the spires served as crossroads, and thus places of settlement.

As the group landed on Sarra, soon after disembarking, they were approached by a woman named Nilia, who required the appropiate docking fees to be paid. Kinsa convinced her that they represented the interested of a trade consortium that was looking to invest in a new project, with the possibilites of a long working relationship. This approach endeared them somewhat to Nilia, who halved their entrance fee to 100 credits, and she also provided information about several points of interest in Sarra, at least near the spaceport Apart from the spaceport, there was a General Store, an Armory (the Merc’s Retreat), a cantina and a droid shop, Drago’s Fixit (Switch, the droid information broker, had left the team a package for pickup there).

He group headed to the Armory to equip themselves with some new gear, in order to enact their plan of offering themselves as mercenaries for hire, in the hopes of contacting Darga 8this way. After readying all their equipment (and having Kinsa frowned out of the shop for using her wiles to get discounts on some equipment), they headed to the cantina. There, they split up: Rhobacca and Vaznic went to play Sabac (where the wookie came out slightly ahead, and Vaznic made a killing, which got him invited to the high-rollers table, where he faced an opponent who he suspected was cheating but couldn’t determine how). Asha sat on the bar, asked for a small drink, and promptly became drunk after several minutes, while trying to overhear gossip there. Kinsa saw Nilia sitting in the cantina and approached her to obtain more information about possible business ventures, including more off-the-books sorts of deals, and Nilia told her to seek out Shaz, owner of Sarran Imports and Exports, a nemodian, a former rising star of the Trade Federation. Meanwhile, Stragos kept overwatch over everyoje, and he spotted couple of humanoids, clad in gang clothes apparently, staring at the different team members, before stepping out of the Cantina.

After an hour or so, the team regroups, goes to the droid shop and picks up Switch’s package. As they made their way back to the Banshee, they were intercepted by a gang riding speeder bikes, led by a human named Kessra. Kinsa and Rhobacca managed to scare them off, but Kessra wasn’t about to be disuaded from her extorsion racket. The second time the gang came upon the group, on one of the sky bridges, they were better prepared. Seeing this, Kinsa and Stragos play for time while the rest of the group gets ready. They catch the gang members by surprise, and dispatch a couple of bikers quickly while some ran for cover. Kinsa and Stragos flanked Kessra, and kept her busy while the rest of the team dealt with the bikers. Stragos, seizing advantage of his opponent’s momentary distraction by Kinsa, ran Kessra through with one of his vibroblades, killing her on the spot. At this point, only two bikers of the original 6 thugs remained, and they fled at this sight. Seeing as how Kessra was beyond saving, Kinsa applied her first aid skills on two of the thugs who were still momentarily breathing. One died while she applied a tourniquet, while the other one survived her ministrations and became stabilized. They took him for questioning, along with gheir equipment, including 5 speeder bikes.

The thug didn’t know much zbout getting in contact with Darga, but he knew about someone who might: Devaronian Warrick, who collected fees from Kessra apparently a middleman who might have more information concerning Darga’s whereabouts. After this they let the biker go with a stern warning not to be bothered by other gangs, to spread the word.

Having a name, Kinsa started asking around and came up with a location for Warrick, an abandoned warehouse on the other side of the city. The group made their way to said warehouse, but before approaching it head-on, Stragos and Asha stealthfully crept to an adjacent warehouse and gathered intel on the surroundings. Qfter several minutes, Kinsa, Vaznic and Rhobacca made their presence known, and after being questioned by the door guards, they met Warrick in person. After a back and forth of threats and offers of information, Warrick ordered his men go shoot the group. A firefight ensued, but after a while, most of Warrick’s men were down, and he opted for escape, running through a back entrance. Stragos was aware of this and jumped onto one of the speeder bikes and chased him, with Vaznic a ways behind, while the others restrained the surviving goon. After an intense chase, Stragos intercepted Warrick and knocked him off his bike, bringing him back to the group.,

Varth's rescue and the escape from Felucia

As soon as Asha opened the door to the command center, both guard droids activated and began their combat protocols. Kinsa took advantage of this momentary pause while they spun up to shoot one of them in its core systems, immediately disabling it. At that moment, a couple of stormtroopers came from around the corner holding the turret. [[:rhobacca |
Rhobacca]] laid down covering fire while Vaznic charged them, drawing his lightsaber midstride. His haste unbalanced him though, and his swing went wide, merely scratching one stormtrooper’s helmet. The other one reacted quickly and managed to shoot Vaznic in the leg, crippling it instantly, and the shock driving him unconscious. Meanwhile, Asha scurries into the command center and shoots the other guard droid, marring its armor. The remaining droid and an Imperial guard in the command center shoot Kinsa, missing both shots. Rhobacca kept shooting at the stormtroopers, landing small wounds only, but keeping them occupied he moved into the command center. Asha shot the Imperial, disabling him, while Kinsa managed to take out the second droid. She then proceeds to shoot the Imperial while Asha disables the prison cells, letting the prisoners free. Rhobacca comes inside and Asha seals the door against further attacks.

As they regroup, Kinsa approaches the prisoners, and spots Varth, who’s been treated roughly under interrogation, a couple of other humans, and another cat-like humanoid, who introduced himself as Stragos. The group handed the prisoners some weapons and opened the door after raising a barricade using the droids corpses. On the other side, the stormtroopers had brought to bear a laser turret and they sprayed rounds into the barricade. Rhobacca managed to shoot one and stun him momentarily, Stragos performed an acrobatic flip and charged the trooper trying to open the blast doors, striking him with his claws. Kinsa shot another trooper but was in turn shot unconscious by the turreteer, as was Asha. Then Rhobacca and Stragos finished off the last trooper.

After this, the group goes into the infirmary, where they recuperate, and with the help of the physician, under duress from Rhobacca’s intimidation, Kinsa performs surgery upon several members to heal them, and Vaznic, who miraxously made it through his grievious injury, attached a piece of a robot as a clubfoot so he wasn’t completely hindered. With that all set, they take the turbolifts to the 2nd floor, because Imperial Fleet Command was sending someone to pickup Varth shortly. They unjammed communications and called The Banshee to come extract them from the roof ASAP. When they reached the 2nd floor, they saw Captain Vishera, several stormtroopers and what appeared to be two mutated felucians, with blades surgically grafted onto their arms. Kinsa, seizing the iniative, shoots a stormtrooper, killing him instantly, while Asha hides behind a console, trying to remain unnoticed while she unjammed the roof elevators. Rhobacca began shooting at the felucians, disabling one, while Stragos and Vaznic rushed a couple of stormtroopers to keep them occupied. Kinsa killed the first felucian after a couple of shots, and Asha, after enabling the roof lifts. As the group moved out into the southern lift, Rhobacca killed the second felucian, while Vaznic deflected several blaster bolts using his combat meditation techniques to anticipate their shots. As soon as everyone was on the lift, Kinsa activated it, and they were taken to the roof, and Asha managed to temporarily disable it. Immediately after, Stragos grabbed Asha and rushed her towards the other lift o she could disable the other one. After doing this, and holding off the Imperial attempts to enable it for several seconds, the group takes cover on the southern side and manages to hold off the I perial onslaughtn until the Banshee arrives and they manage to jump inside.

As they exit the atmosphere they detect a lambda class shuttle, and Vaznic and Stragos detect a powerful Force inside, of the Dark Side.

After this, the Banshee takes them into hyperspace and they arrive back in Alderaan in a couple of days, where they manage to recuperate from their myriad injuries.

They were then briefed by Admiral Varth of a top secret project, codenamed Sarlak, responsible for the consumption of massive amounts of resources and lives of sentient beings. They were routing these resources through secondary sources in the Industrial Sector and the criminal underground, specifically a member of the Hutt cartwl, Darga, located in Cate Nemodia, in the city of Sarra, holds more information that they must recover.,

The Imperial Forward Outpost and the Prison Base

The following day, Varduk lends the group some of his quibuks for their mission to infiltrate the Imperial outpost. A couple of hours in, they find a lone scout trooper, who led them to another trooper, who then led them to an outpost manned by four other troopers. After taking out the forward outpost, the team waited a couple of hours to rest, regroup, and see if there were any other Imperial tropos prowling through the surrounding área. Asha took advantage of the lull to hack the comm array, and managed to disrupt the secret outpost’s outgoing planetary communications (masked as an increase in the interference caused by spore outbreaks throughout the atmosphere).

The team resumed their march towards the base,and eventually reached it a short time later, on their kibuks. Asha went on ahead to scout, and managed to identify a couple of scout troopers on speeder bikes looping around the base, apart from some stormtrooper infantry, a turret mounted on a Wall next to the main entrance, and she also Heard heavy thuds coming from afar, which meant that there was an Imperial Walker of some sort in the vicinity, probably an AT-ST. She also mentioned a small creek of toxic refuse emanaing from one side of the base, which was probably the source of sickness for the Felucian younglings, and she said there was a wasteport that controlled its outflow. Kinsa remembered the briefing given to them about the base, mentioning a potential entry point besides the reinforced blast doors which served for a front entrance.

Hence, the team made their way near to the base, chose a momento between speeder laps, and made their way to waste exhaust port and climbed up on it (albeit Vaznik slipped and sprained his ankle in the ensuing fall). After that, they see that the mechanism which controls the toxic outflow is comprised of a pressure plate that controls a forcé screen, and when enough sludge builds up, it activates said plate and the sludge pours forth. Vasnik uses his Force powers to pick a rock of sufficient weight and sets it down on the plate, enabling the rest of the team to get through the screen.

Asha then makes her way up the chute, holding her breath to avoid taking in the noxious fumes, and upon reaching the top, she enters a small room which seems to be the waste disposal center. As son as she enters, a man pushing a grav-trolley holding a toxic-waste filled barrel enters the room, and she hides behind a bulkhead, avoiding his notice until he drops the contents of the drum down the chute and proceeds to leave the room. There, she gives the all-clear to the others, and they start climbing the slippery chute, with the help of a rope that Asha tied down and threw down to them. While they climbed, she seized the opportunity to hack into the computer terminal that the scientist was using, and she managed to get a floor plan of the first floor, giving the group a rough detail of the comm station, the command center, the prison, the turbo-lifts, the med-bay/laboratory, the main door and the turret.

After a brief discussion, Kinsa and Asha make their way to the comm station, where they can overear several people speaking, although they can’t pinpoint how many. After getting the rest of the team to come to their position quietly, they open the door slowly in order to not alert the occupants inside. The team is almost fully inside, when Rhobacca trips and alerts the Imperial officer (Litenant Alden) and the three comm specialists inside. After closing the door, and dealing with the occupants inside, they managed to get some information from the specialist who surrendered. He told the team of Captain Vishera’s “interests”, a bit about the tropos and their movements in the área, and other tidbits of information. Searching through the liutenant’s body, they found a code cylinder which Asha used to gain Access to the comm center computer, which enabled her to use the camera feeds from the building. She looked through the different rooms of the first floor (there were no cameras in the second floor), and after a while she set up the explosives Vasuz had given her to destroy the satellite with. The team moved the bodies and the inconscious comm guy to the exfiltration room, and then they proceeded to move towards the command center.

However, on the way there, Vaznic tripped and rammed onto the wall, which led to a loud, which made a couple of guards stationed at the turret begin to make their way to the team’s position. At that momento, Asha, in a fit of panic, with nowhere to hide, pushed opened the door to the command center, where 2 Imperial personnel and two droids of unknown types awaited…


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