Dawn of Insurrection

Darga the Hutt

Entering the grub's lair

After capturing Warren, Kinsa and Rhobacca interrogated him, and through their methods of coercion managed to get him to take the team to Darga’s palace. Once there, Warren introduced us, with great trepidation. We are allowed inside, but Warren is taken into custody after being told he was in serious trouble. As the team was lead through the hallways, they felt observed, and Vaznic even felt the presence of a camouflaged Force-User.

Darga┬┤s throne room is both oppulent and repulsive, catering obviously to the Hutt’s every whim and desire; incense cloyed the air, drapes covered the walls, and a central dais dominated the room, atop which reclined the giagantic worm-like sentient being- A balcony over-looking an unseeable terrace loomed behind him.

The team shows respect to Darga as they are brought forward, and they introduced themselves as a very capable group of mercenaries looking for work for the most powerful entity in Cato Neimodia, that being Darga., thus the team looked into who ran things, and came into knowledge of him, even though he’d kept layers of underlings (which they carved through in order to get through to Darga) to maintain his distance.

He is impressed by our skill and determination, but cautious as always, he begins setting up trials to determine our worth and loyalty. His first task is to carry out Warren’s execution. Kinsa declines the offer, instead countering with offering Warren a last chance to prove himself worthy, through gladiatorial combat. Darga appeared to enjoy the idea and sanctioned it. After that, he ordered a feast be set up, and the team sat down to eat and converse with order members of his “court”.

During this momentary “lull”, Asha seizes the opportunity to sneak away and begins exploring Darga’s palace. During her wandering, she finds an Aviary, another room holding an aging Duros at a workstation, who, after a closer look, appeared to be Darga’s accountant. This Duros seemed very lonely and very amenable to giving involuntary information in exchange of giving him company.

Meanwhile, Vaznic, curious to find out who was the Force-User in Darga’s keep, emanates another cloaked Force Pulse to sense him, but fails to conceal his own sensitivity in the process. This resulted in Darga’s majordomo, Igren Demos, detecting him. At least it was now “out in the open”.

Kinsa and 94-P, on the other hand check out their rooms, which are obviously bugged, and inform the rest of the squad of this fact. After a while they all go to sleep. During the night, both Force userssuffer dark dreams. Stragos wakes up in the middle of the night, hearing voices pleading for help. He leaves his room, following them, but meets up with some guards who tell him to go back to his room, before he finds them.

The next day, Kinsa and Asha go to the Duros, a fellow named Gome, and start chatting him up. He explains that he has worked for Darga for decades. Also, at the end of the clone wars, Darga seized control of a smuggling operation of Tibana gas when his previous boss was killed by separatists.

The Empire approached Darga in order to get the Tibana gas off the books, without the usual bureaucratic red taped, in order to not leave a paper trail. This gas is refined in Vespin. In exchange, Darga receives “goods” or “benefits” of some kind. The exchanges are swift and efficient, and Darga has an office in Cloud City that handles them.


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