Dawn of Insurrection

Digging into Darga

Getting your hands dirty

The following day, Darga’s protocol droid, TC-663, informed the group that he had a message for them originating from Zel Sonn Station; in other words, this droid worked for Switch. He informed the group that information uploads were being made by someone in the compound at hours in which Darga would be asleep. Alas, they were encrypted, so he had yet to determine the content of said messages. He was willing to sell us this information in exchange for the decrypting it, and the group agreed. Asha and P-94 started working on it and had the decoded message in short order. The contents indicated that Demos, Darga’s butler, was the one sending the message to the Imperials, and it referenced slaves, and in particular, one prisoner’s “potential”. This could possibly refer to a Force-Sensitive sentient being.

Some time later in the day, Demos announced the impending arrival of a retinue of members of the Iron Ring, a large slave-trader group, amongst other things. This was a surprise visit, which irked Darga greatly. The slaver contingent was led by a Zabrak named Goran Varstok, who was followed by a couple of humans, two chained Twi’leks, one very grizzled, dark-furred, one-eyed wookie named Naglor, and a Rodian carrying a sniper rifle. Rhobacca immediately growled at the clearly older wookie, who just balefully glared back.

The slavers accused Darga of selling them sub-par quality slaves, and wanted arefund and to re-negotiate the terms of their trade agreement. Darga was not pleased at having to deal with this inconvenience, and directed looks to Kinsa and her team to deal with the issue. After a couple of minutes, and Darga getting more restless andannoyed, Kinsa approaches Demos to ask permission to approach Darga, andDarga scolds her for asking someone elses permission. As she approaches the dais and begins dealing with the slavers, Vaznic notices that one of the Twi’leks, who was dancing, apparently slipped something into a drink that a servant was bringing to Darga. He notifies Kinsa via their comlink, and as Darga raises the glass to his lips, she bids him not to, declaring that it had been poisoned by one of the slaves. This outrageous behaviour, the slavers assured, was not of their doing, but being it their slave who did it, Darga used it as leverage to squish all of their demands. Kinsa also suggested that this affront stained the slaver’s honor (such as there is), and in order to make up for it, they should offer a combatant for the upcoming gladiatorial games. Naglor stepped up and accepted the challenge, roaring in wookieese. Darga glanced in the team’s direction, and Stragos stepped up, brandishing his vibro-blades. Thus the games were set to begin!

The first fight was Warren versus a couple of vibro-axe weilding Gamorreans. Darga asked if anybody cared to make wagers, and Vaznic took him up on the offer. The bout ended with Warren surviving, barely, having killed the second pig man shortly after having one of his feet severed. The betting was tied, as neither Darga nor Vaznic managed to win much over the other. The next fight was acouple of sentients, clearly related, fighting against a large lizard-like creature. They worked as a team very efficiently and in quickmorder dispatched the beast. Another round of betting took place between Darga and Vaznic, and the result was the same: tie. For the last bout of the day, Stragos and Naglor step into the arena, which had been modified as the Board of Death. The arena was separated into 9 sectors, one of which would randomly drop its floor and open up into a pit full of spikes. As the fight begun, Stragos’ sector dropped beneath his feet, but his reflexes allowed him to cling to the corner, and climb out before Naglor was in a position to attack him. After trading a couple of blows, Stragos dodging and Naglor parrying, Stragos feinted, and having thrown Naglor off-balance, ran him through with his weak hand blade, severing his spine. As this happened, the Rodian from the Iron Ring took aim with his rifle in a fit of anger; Kinsa, seeing this, pulled out her blaster and placed it against the Rodian’s temple, warning him not to do something foolish. This round of betting also ended in a tie between Vaznic and Darga.


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