Dawn of Insurrection

Sarra and contacting Darga

To find a slug, you have to roll around in the dirt

After Admiral Varth’s rather succint briefing, the team gathers its things, climbs aboard the Banshee, and beins the trip to Cato Neimoidia, in the Industrial Sector of the Galaxy.

This planet, one of the homebases of the Trade Federation during the Clone Wars, was heavily bombarded during a planetary siege, and it was comprised of many spires connected via skybridges, and the spires served as crossroads, and thus places of settlement.

As the group landed on Sarra, soon after disembarking, they were approached by a woman named Nilia, who required the appropiate docking fees to be paid. Kinsa convinced her that they represented the interested of a trade consortium that was looking to invest in a new project, with the possibilites of a long working relationship. This approach endeared them somewhat to Nilia, who halved their entrance fee to 100 credits, and she also provided information about several points of interest in Sarra, at least near the spaceport Apart from the spaceport, there was a General Store, an Armory (the Merc’s Retreat), a cantina and a droid shop, Drago’s Fixit (Switch, the droid information broker, had left the team a package for pickup there).

He group headed to the Armory to equip themselves with some new gear, in order to enact their plan of offering themselves as mercenaries for hire, in the hopes of contacting Darga 8this way. After readying all their equipment (and having Kinsa frowned out of the shop for using her wiles to get discounts on some equipment), they headed to the cantina. There, they split up: Rhobacca and Vaznic went to play Sabac (where the wookie came out slightly ahead, and Vaznic made a killing, which got him invited to the high-rollers table, where he faced an opponent who he suspected was cheating but couldn’t determine how). Asha sat on the bar, asked for a small drink, and promptly became drunk after several minutes, while trying to overhear gossip there. Kinsa saw Nilia sitting in the cantina and approached her to obtain more information about possible business ventures, including more off-the-books sorts of deals, and Nilia told her to seek out Shaz, owner of Sarran Imports and Exports, a nemodian, a former rising star of the Trade Federation. Meanwhile, Stragos kept overwatch over everyoje, and he spotted couple of humanoids, clad in gang clothes apparently, staring at the different team members, before stepping out of the Cantina.

After an hour or so, the team regroups, goes to the droid shop and picks up Switch’s package. As they made their way back to the Banshee, they were intercepted by a gang riding speeder bikes, led by a human named Kessra. Kinsa and Rhobacca managed to scare them off, but Kessra wasn’t about to be disuaded from her extorsion racket. The second time the gang came upon the group, on one of the sky bridges, they were better prepared. Seeing this, Kinsa and Stragos play for time while the rest of the group gets ready. They catch the gang members by surprise, and dispatch a couple of bikers quickly while some ran for cover. Kinsa and Stragos flanked Kessra, and kept her busy while the rest of the team dealt with the bikers. Stragos, seizing advantage of his opponent’s momentary distraction by Kinsa, ran Kessra through with one of his vibroblades, killing her on the spot. At this point, only two bikers of the original 6 thugs remained, and they fled at this sight. Seeing as how Kessra was beyond saving, Kinsa applied her first aid skills on two of the thugs who were still momentarily breathing. One died while she applied a tourniquet, while the other one survived her ministrations and became stabilized. They took him for questioning, along with gheir equipment, including 5 speeder bikes.

The thug didn’t know much zbout getting in contact with Darga, but he knew about someone who might: Devaronian Warrick, who collected fees from Kessra apparently a middleman who might have more information concerning Darga’s whereabouts. After this they let the biker go with a stern warning not to be bothered by other gangs, to spread the word.

Having a name, Kinsa started asking around and came up with a location for Warrick, an abandoned warehouse on the other side of the city. The group made their way to said warehouse, but before approaching it head-on, Stragos and Asha stealthfully crept to an adjacent warehouse and gathered intel on the surroundings. Qfter several minutes, Kinsa, Vaznic and Rhobacca made their presence known, and after being questioned by the door guards, they met Warrick in person. After a back and forth of threats and offers of information, Warrick ordered his men go shoot the group. A firefight ensued, but after a while, most of Warrick’s men were down, and he opted for escape, running through a back entrance. Stragos was aware of this and jumped onto one of the speeder bikes and chased him, with Vaznic a ways behind, while the others restrained the surviving goon. After an intense chase, Stragos intercepted Warrick and knocked him off his bike, bringing him back to the group.,


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