Dawn of Insurrection

The Escape (part 2)

As soon as holo-projector shut off, Demos gestured to one of the guards in the dimly lit room, a heavily armored trandoshan. He started giving instructions regarding many aspects of Darga‘s operations which had to be taken care of before the imminent arrival of the Inquisitor, including the elimination of Darga’s “traitorous” posse. As this unfolded, Kinsa had been thinking up a way to gain more time and keep the alleged majordomo from summoning more reinforcements. Suddenly, as the trandoshan moved off towards a comport near the far wall, Kinsa had an idea, an although it would place Stragos in quite a bit of danger (obviously preying on Stragos’ great desire to confront this being who had information about his sister to overcome this particular reticence), she saw no other choice, as she needed a distraction in order to stop the trandoshan. So, via a whispered com chat, she outlined her plan, in which Stragos would walk up to Demos, stall him for several seconds, while she made her way hugging the shadowy walls and disable the trandoshan and block the doorway to impede the reinforcements that were on their way.

As soon as the plan was outlined, Stragos leapt into action and boldly strode into the chamber, while Kinsa began to stealthily make her way through the shadows. As soon as Stragos challenged Demos in the middle of the room, he captured all of the Gamorrean‘s attention, but Demos was not so easily fooled, and he managed to espy Kinsa just as she was about to reach the northern doorway which opened into a long corridor leading outside, sealing the blast door. Thus, Kinsa seized the momentary lapse in the Gamorrean’s attention, and shot the trandoshan, stunning him for several seconds. This also signaled the rest of the group to move into the chamber and engage the rest of the guards. Stragos unsheathed both of his vibroswords quickly and stabbed a Gamorrean, severing his spine. Vaznic entered the room, and Sensing but not seeing a powerful Dark Side presence, tried to pinpoint its location, but was unsuccesful. Rhobacca moved up to the entrance of the room and shot one of the guards in the head, dropping him instantly, while 94-P wheeled himself in and scanned for targets amidst the shadows.

As this happened, the trandoshan recovered his wits and opened the blast door he was next to, and four more Gamorreans poured into the chamber just as Kinsa shot one of the original guards in the head. As Stragos looked for his next target, he was suddenly overcome by a powerful sense of fear and impending doom, as if the end of Creation were bearing down upon him. At once, before he could help himself, he sprinted down the hallway from which the team had come from, but after a few seconds, his fear and shame quickly turned into anger, and surrendering to a whispered stirring of the Dark Side, he broke free of the Force-induced panic and raced back into the fray. Meanwhile, a couple of the new Gamorreans charged Kinsa and Vaznic, while another charged 94-P and another tried to hit Rhobacca. Most of them were unable to inflict damage upon their targets, save for Kinsa, who was struck a dazing blow, luckily having most of it absorbed by her armor, but still knocking the breath out of her. In the mean time, 94-P managed to narrow the area in which Demos was hiding, and shot a concussion grenade at it, momentarily stunning Demos and the trandoshan who was standing next to him.

At this moment, Asha informed the team that a shuttle was inbound, probably the one containing the Inquisitor, so thay had to hurry. Seizing the opportunity, both Kinsa and Vaznic dispatched the Gamorreans standing in their way, as did Rhobacca, and Stragos, who had raced back into the fray in a rage-fueled berserker charge which left the last Gamorrean somehow hacked in half, with a SHORT vibro-sword. 94-P lobbed another grenade at the couple of foes remaining, further incapacitating them by knocking them unconscious.

Asha urged the team to quickly head outside, because the Imperials were soon to arrive. 94-P opened the blast doors and began moving as quickly as he could down the long hallway using his thrusters. Kinsa asked Rhobacca to restrain Stragos, to keep him from killing Demos in his altered state, and ordered Vaznic to follow 94-P to the exit. As soon as Stragos calmed down, Kinsa told him to head out with the others while she helped Rhobacca carry the Twi’lek. As soon as both of them were off down the hallway, she told Rhobacca to start carrying Demos, and consequently shot the trandoshan in the head and went over to help the Wookie. After several seconds of sprinting, they caught up with the rest, but just as they were nearing the exit, 94-P’s thrusters ran out of fuel and he stuttered to the floor. Kinsa saw that it was moving more slowly, so she went back to help pull it forward faster. Everybody else had managed to board the Banshee, and the few seconds they were exposed left them exposed to fire from Imperial Stormtroopers, scorching Kinsa’s armor but not much more than that.

The team had managed to escape, with their prisoner in tow, but what would they do with him now?


IanWatt LeslieWatt

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