Dawn of Insurrection

The Imperial Deal, Darga's Secret Vault and The Escape (part 1)

Dreams of blood red eyes and shadow shapes plague our Force-wielders

After the fight in which Stragos defeated Naglor, the party retired to their quarters. However, during the middle of the night, several assasin’s crept into their rooms, only giving themselves away mere seconds away before striking the adventurers in their sleep. This gave most of them the valuable seconds they needed to fend them off and eventually kill them, save for one, who was able to flee. Apparently the Gamorrean posted as a guard was in their pay, because he also joined the fray, and was cut down in turn. After thoroughly searching through their remains, the party could find no discernible clues to determine who had sent these assasins, and so they determined to tell Darga of the incident and up their security measures for the future.

The next day, when hearing of this, Darga just laughed it off and said that we had probably angered some other subordinate of his and they were just trying to bring things back to the way they were, and we would just have to deal with it, else he’d have no use for us either.

For that day’s agenda, there was a scheduled meeting with a delegation from the Empire. They arrived without much fanfare, but Darga was clearly nervous at dealing with them. They came in demanding several things, and Kinsa, through her negotiating skills and tact, managed to convince Darga, and the Imperial Envoy, of only acceding to one of those demands: particularly, a 100% increase in the shipments of processed Vespin gas for 80% increased profits (originally it was a lower sum, but Kinsa managed to gain concessions in that regard). However, she managed to convince Darga to refuse the Imperial “offer” of establishing an “outpost” near or in his installation, advocating that it increased the chances of drawing attention, something the Imperials desperately wanted to avoid. And last, she managed to get Darga to refuse selling sentients (slaves) to the Imperials. After these discussions were over, the delegation quickly took their leave. Throughout this exchange, Vaznic and Rhobacca noticed that one of the members of the Imperial delegation looked familiar: they remembered seeing her in Alderaan as part of Bail Organa’s household guard.

In the meantime, Asha had gone to the accountant’s office, and in a moment of inattention, she swiped his keycard, made a copy of it, and put it back where she found it.

After these negotiations, everybody adjourned to their quarters. During their sleep, both Vaznic and Stragos once again had peculiar dreams, even more vivid and forceful than before. They witnessed a Jedi starfighter landing in Cato-Neimoidia, a being of pure light stepping out of it and entering a strange structure, when suddenly the structure collapsed. They hear a voice whispering, asking for help, weakening with each effort. Suddenly they are enveloped in darkness, and they are faced with a greater shadow, of a humanoid shape, whose only distinguishing features are its burning red eyes. At that point, they both wake up, with a lingering sensation that whomever is calling for their help is below them, and after conferring about their dream, they convince the team to head below instead of leaving the planet (after all, their main goal was complete: find out information about Darga’s dealings with the Empire). They asked Asha to sneak out and bring their ship nearby and have it ready to pick them up for their escape.

The group headed stealthily to the elevator that headed to the deeper levels, and without being detected, they proceeded downwards. On this lower level, Stragos and Vasnic followed their Force-enhanced senses unerringly through a maze of corridors, switch-backs and dimly-lit intersections until the party arrived at a doorway. They entered, and inside, they saw a medical ward, empty for one stall, which held a single humanoid being. As they neared the bed were the figure lay, they saw that it was an older human female, and both Stragos and Vasnic confirmed that the Force emanated strongly from her, although it felt subdued somehow, probably from all the drugs being fed to her through the IV’s to which she was hooked up. Vaznic kept his distance, but Stragos crept closer, and touched her hand. At once he was overcome with a sense of calm and peace, and all his worries and anger disappeared.

At that point, the group decided to try to wake this stranger up, despite the consequences. Kinsa busied herself with the medical controls, and in short order had the woman unhooked. Inmediately, her eyes opened, and gained focus, staring at each party member in turn. In moments, she gathered herself and sat up (a momentous feat, by Kinsa’s reckoning, taking into account all of the drugs that were still in her system). She asked where they were, how the war fared, who they were and why they were here. Kinsa answered that the war had ended a year or more earlier, the Chancellor had become the Emperor, and that they were undercover agents working for Bail Organa, and that two of their party sensed her down in this vault. She then introduced herself as Jedi Master Denya, who had been on a mission with Jedi Master Plo Koon, and inquired after the status of the Order and the Council. Kinsa informed her that the order had been disbanded and that all Jedi were hunted as renegades throught the galaxy, particularly the Core Wolrds. The Jedi Temple had been burned to the ground, the younglings slaughtered, and most Jedi gunned down.

However, Kinsa stated the urgency of their escape, due to the fact that they might have triggered an alarm, or might still in their efforts at escaping, so they must hurry to their rendevouz. They took to the tunnels once more, and were just about to climb the elevator when its door shut, and a blast door sealed the stairs leading up to the upper levels. In turn, a secret passageway opened up, in which four Gamorrean Guards were quickly making their way to ambush the group.

Stragos took up a position near the entrance, while Rhobacca aimed and fired at one of the guards, killing it instantly. 94-P then proceeded to launch a flash grenade at the remaining Gamorreans, disabling them all. Meanwhile, from the corridor they had arrived from, a couple of Gamorrean Bashers appeared. Kinsa shot one, temporalily stunning it, but the other one landed a vicious blow across her chest that knocked the wind out of her in turn. Rhobacca managed to land a disabling strike on that Basher, meanwhile, Stragos approached the first one, who had amanged to regain its wits. He was unable to connect with his vibroblades, which normally would have left him exposed. The Basher, seeing this, swung with all his might in what would have been a fatal blow, if it weren’t for Stragos’ extraordinary agility and reflexes, which allowed him to deflect the blow downward with both of his blades just enough in order to jump over the wicked axe’s sweeping blow. Meanwhile, Kinsa shot the other, stunned, Basher in the head, killing him. At this point, Vaznic moved to attack the remaining Basher, who in turn struck at him, leaving a deep gash on his arm. However, the combined attacks of the party managed to wear him down until finally, Vaznic exacted retribution upon his mauler, and ran him through with his lightsaber.

After recuperating for a couple of minutes and patching up minor wounds, the group took the elevator up, and proceeded to advance towards Darga’s throneroom. There, they were met with a chilling sight: Demos, kneeling, speaking to a hologram of a shrouded figure with red eyes; there were several guards spread throughout the room. During the course of their conversation, the Inquisitor (as it identified itself), ordered Demos to have the prisoner ready, as well as any others who might prove useful. He also asked Demos’ about Darga’s whereabouts; the butler answered that the Hutt had fled in hus personal yacht during the night, but he would track him down.

Now the party must decide if they kill or capture Demos, or try to stealthily make their way out of Darga’s palace.


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