Dawn of Insurrection

The Imperial Forward Outpost and the Prison Base

The following day, Varduk lends the group some of his quibuks for their mission to infiltrate the Imperial outpost. A couple of hours in, they find a lone scout trooper, who led them to another trooper, who then led them to an outpost manned by four other troopers. After taking out the forward outpost, the team waited a couple of hours to rest, regroup, and see if there were any other Imperial tropos prowling through the surrounding área. Asha took advantage of the lull to hack the comm array, and managed to disrupt the secret outpost’s outgoing planetary communications (masked as an increase in the interference caused by spore outbreaks throughout the atmosphere).

The team resumed their march towards the base,and eventually reached it a short time later, on their kibuks. Asha went on ahead to scout, and managed to identify a couple of scout troopers on speeder bikes looping around the base, apart from some stormtrooper infantry, a turret mounted on a Wall next to the main entrance, and she also Heard heavy thuds coming from afar, which meant that there was an Imperial Walker of some sort in the vicinity, probably an AT-ST. She also mentioned a small creek of toxic refuse emanaing from one side of the base, which was probably the source of sickness for the Felucian younglings, and she said there was a wasteport that controlled its outflow. Kinsa remembered the briefing given to them about the base, mentioning a potential entry point besides the reinforced blast doors which served for a front entrance.

Hence, the team made their way near to the base, chose a momento between speeder laps, and made their way to waste exhaust port and climbed up on it (albeit Vaznik slipped and sprained his ankle in the ensuing fall). After that, they see that the mechanism which controls the toxic outflow is comprised of a pressure plate that controls a forcé screen, and when enough sludge builds up, it activates said plate and the sludge pours forth. Vasnik uses his Force powers to pick a rock of sufficient weight and sets it down on the plate, enabling the rest of the team to get through the screen.

Asha then makes her way up the chute, holding her breath to avoid taking in the noxious fumes, and upon reaching the top, she enters a small room which seems to be the waste disposal center. As son as she enters, a man pushing a grav-trolley holding a toxic-waste filled barrel enters the room, and she hides behind a bulkhead, avoiding his notice until he drops the contents of the drum down the chute and proceeds to leave the room. There, she gives the all-clear to the others, and they start climbing the slippery chute, with the help of a rope that Asha tied down and threw down to them. While they climbed, she seized the opportunity to hack into the computer terminal that the scientist was using, and she managed to get a floor plan of the first floor, giving the group a rough detail of the comm station, the command center, the prison, the turbo-lifts, the med-bay/laboratory, the main door and the turret.

After a brief discussion, Kinsa and Asha make their way to the comm station, where they can overear several people speaking, although they can’t pinpoint how many. After getting the rest of the team to come to their position quietly, they open the door slowly in order to not alert the occupants inside. The team is almost fully inside, when Rhobacca trips and alerts the Imperial officer (Litenant Alden) and the three comm specialists inside. After closing the door, and dealing with the occupants inside, they managed to get some information from the specialist who surrendered. He told the team of Captain Vishera’s “interests”, a bit about the tropos and their movements in the área, and other tidbits of information. Searching through the liutenant’s body, they found a code cylinder which Asha used to gain Access to the comm center computer, which enabled her to use the camera feeds from the building. She looked through the different rooms of the first floor (there were no cameras in the second floor), and after a while she set up the explosives Vasuz had given her to destroy the satellite with. The team moved the bodies and the inconscious comm guy to the exfiltration room, and then they proceeded to move towards the command center.

However, on the way there, Vaznic tripped and rammed onto the wall, which led to a loud, which made a couple of guards stationed at the turret begin to make their way to the team’s position. At that momento, Asha, in a fit of panic, with nowhere to hide, pushed opened the door to the command center, where 2 Imperial personnel and two droids of unknown types awaited…


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