Dawn of Insurrection

Varth's rescue and the escape from Felucia

As soon as Asha opened the door to the command center, both guard droids activated and began their combat protocols. Kinsa took advantage of this momentary pause while they spun up to shoot one of them in its core systems, immediately disabling it. At that moment, a couple of stormtroopers came from around the corner holding the turret. [[:rhobacca |
Rhobacca]] laid down covering fire while Vaznic charged them, drawing his lightsaber midstride. His haste unbalanced him though, and his swing went wide, merely scratching one stormtrooper’s helmet. The other one reacted quickly and managed to shoot Vaznic in the leg, crippling it instantly, and the shock driving him unconscious. Meanwhile, Asha scurries into the command center and shoots the other guard droid, marring its armor. The remaining droid and an Imperial guard in the command center shoot Kinsa, missing both shots. Rhobacca kept shooting at the stormtroopers, landing small wounds only, but keeping them occupied he moved into the command center. Asha shot the Imperial, disabling him, while Kinsa managed to take out the second droid. She then proceeds to shoot the Imperial while Asha disables the prison cells, letting the prisoners free. Rhobacca comes inside and Asha seals the door against further attacks.

As they regroup, Kinsa approaches the prisoners, and spots Varth, who’s been treated roughly under interrogation, a couple of other humans, and another cat-like humanoid, who introduced himself as Stragos. The group handed the prisoners some weapons and opened the door after raising a barricade using the droids corpses. On the other side, the stormtroopers had brought to bear a laser turret and they sprayed rounds into the barricade. Rhobacca managed to shoot one and stun him momentarily, Stragos performed an acrobatic flip and charged the trooper trying to open the blast doors, striking him with his claws. Kinsa shot another trooper but was in turn shot unconscious by the turreteer, as was Asha. Then Rhobacca and Stragos finished off the last trooper.

After this, the group goes into the infirmary, where they recuperate, and with the help of the physician, under duress from Rhobacca’s intimidation, Kinsa performs surgery upon several members to heal them, and Vaznic, who miraxously made it through his grievious injury, attached a piece of a robot as a clubfoot so he wasn’t completely hindered. With that all set, they take the turbolifts to the 2nd floor, because Imperial Fleet Command was sending someone to pickup Varth shortly. They unjammed communications and called The Banshee to come extract them from the roof ASAP. When they reached the 2nd floor, they saw Captain Vishera, several stormtroopers and what appeared to be two mutated felucians, with blades surgically grafted onto their arms. Kinsa, seizing the iniative, shoots a stormtrooper, killing him instantly, while Asha hides behind a console, trying to remain unnoticed while she unjammed the roof elevators. Rhobacca began shooting at the felucians, disabling one, while Stragos and Vaznic rushed a couple of stormtroopers to keep them occupied. Kinsa killed the first felucian after a couple of shots, and Asha, after enabling the roof lifts. As the group moved out into the southern lift, Rhobacca killed the second felucian, while Vaznic deflected several blaster bolts using his combat meditation techniques to anticipate their shots. As soon as everyone was on the lift, Kinsa activated it, and they were taken to the roof, and Asha managed to temporarily disable it. Immediately after, Stragos grabbed Asha and rushed her towards the other lift o she could disable the other one. After doing this, and holding off the Imperial attempts to enable it for several seconds, the group takes cover on the southern side and manages to hold off the I perial onslaughtn until the Banshee arrives and they manage to jump inside.

As they exit the atmosphere they detect a lambda class shuttle, and Vaznic and Stragos detect a powerful Force inside, of the Dark Side.

After this, the Banshee takes them into hyperspace and they arrive back in Alderaan in a couple of days, where they manage to recuperate from their myriad injuries.

They were then briefed by Admiral Varth of a top secret project, codenamed Sarlak, responsible for the consumption of massive amounts of resources and lives of sentient beings. They were routing these resources through secondary sources in the Industrial Sector and the criminal underground, specifically a member of the Hutt cartwl, Darga, located in Cate Nemodia, in the city of Sarra, holds more information that they must recover.,


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