Dawn of Insurrection

Felucia and the Imperial Infiltration Mission
The fungal "paradise"

Felucia is a marshy planet with a habitable atmosphere. It is home to giant flora and fauna (specifically giant fungi). The group stocks up on equipment and supplies.

The group begins the journey to Felucia, aboard the Banshee, and it lasts a couple of days. We land a day’s trek from the Imperial compound, so as not alert them to our presence, and they hand us rations for 5 days. They also hand each of us 2 energy cells.

The group starts marching, and as the hours progress, they can’t shake the feeling of being observed. After a couple of hours, as they rested, Vaznic and Rhobacca detected a humanoid wearing a stormtrooper helmet apparently following them. They shot him, and subsequently discovered he’d been dead for a couple of weeks. Asha took apart the helmet and salvaged some pieces of hardware, and the group moved on.

Later on, they came across an abandoned Clone Trooper outpost, and Rhobacca narrowly avoided stepping on a pool of acid.

AS they continued, Vasnic managed to detect one of the locals following them, but not before it disappeared among the foliage.

Later on we stumbled across a bone graveyard, of what seemed to be Rancors (beware!).

As the light grows dim, we reach another encampment. There, Rhobacca spots a recently slain stormtrooper and a couple of the locals hiding in the “reeds”, but before things escalate, a human, naming himself Vazus Mandrake interjects and pleads for everyone to stand down. He used to be part of a mercenary outfit, but is now retired, and lives among the Felucians, breeding quibuks (horses that stand on their hind legs). Vaznic detects that the two felucians are greater than average force-sensitive beings. When we tell him of our anti-Imperial sentiments, his demeanor changes immediately and he gladly takes us to the felucian town. The town Chief, a clearly older felucian, Varduk. We managed to convince him that we mean him and his no harm, and that our misión to infiltrate the Imperial installation might benefit the town. He explains that the installation is the source of a great evil, many of his people have disappeared inside, and when he sent a couple of shaman to investigate, they were repelled by the evil emanating from it. He offered us lodging for the night. Meanwhile, Asha overheard several younglings moaning in pain, and informed the others, and subsequently Kinsa was able to treat their toxin exposure.

Switch's Bargain

Blue Deck is a bastion for the Empire inside Sel Zonn Station, and stormtrooper guard every entryway. It’s the place for the rich and famous, and it houses royal barges, high-priced yachts and other expensive equipment.

The Empire has sent an entire squadron of stormtroopers to the docking bay to inspect some suspicious cargo, according to rumors gathered by Kinsa

One of the undercover infiltrators from the bar was there in Blue Deck, but the group decided to avoid him, and made their way to the main docking bay.

There, 5 stormtroopers were about to uncover the carbonite shipment, so Kisna acted promptly, walked up to one of them, distracting him long enough while Asha tried to sneak by, but was spotted, to get the others into position. She missed her swing with the stun baton hidden in the sleeve of her jumpsuit, but Rhobacca’s aim was as true as ever and he felled a stormtrooper in one shot. Then Kinsa managed to get a glimpse of the storage room holding the carbonite slab, which also held a gravity forklift with a heavy machine gun manned by another stormtrooper. Rhobacca felled the stormtrooper liutenant with a headshot, not before he was able to call for backup, while Vasnic, via his telekinesis, knocked out an other one. Finally, they had control of the bay. Kinsa radioed Maya to pick them up, asked Asha to locate the Corellian ale, Rhobacca and Vasnic setup a pseudo defensive position, as Kinsa maneuvered the forklift backward towards the cargo bay doors. Finally they get to the edge of the bay when Maya arrived, at the same time as Stormtroopers entered the opposite corner, and Rhobacca picks off yet another one in a masterful display of marksmanship.

Once inside the ship, a droid named Crash, copilot to the Banshee ship greets them and tells them to strap in. The captain of the ship, Sirona Okeefe takes us to Alderaan, where the group is to meet Bael Organa.

Bael Organa asks us to go to Felucia, where the Empire has a small garrison where they hold prisoners. An imperial admiral in his confidence, dissillusioned with the Empire has been taken there for interrogation. He led a ship in the battle of Coruscant and was promoted for bravery. His loyalty seemed unquestionable, but it has wavered of late, and hence he has been taken into custody.

A not so fortuitous encounter

Rhobacca and Kinsa meet up with Maya in Sel Zonn Station, in the Brental system. She asks them to meet up with potential clients in Gundark’s Cantina (run by a human named Gundark), where people from all walks of life come to relax. There they are met by a curious pair; an ewok and a human, who introduced themselves as Asha and Vaznic.

Maya arrived moments later, visibly wounded, and a couple of Imperial Troopers and undercover infiltrators launched an ambush upon the group. We took out one, and managed to get away from the rest. Maya was rendered unconscious in the exchange, so we took her back to her quarters to figure out what to do. There, she recovers and begins explaining that she was trying to secure a cargo shipment when she was attacked, and is now asking us for help. We have to seek Switch in Deep Storage Bay V6, an information broker who has information about the shipment, that is wanted by Maya’s employer.

After some digging by Kisna and Asha, they arrive at Deep Storage Bay V6, and are admitted into Switch’s presence. After some initial smalltalk, he offers information partnerships, which Kisna, Robacca and Asha accept. He then tells them that the shipment is in Blue deck bay, on the main docking bay. Also, he asks if we can recover a crate of Corellian ales and deliver them to his contact in Alderaan for the reward of 750 credits.

As we were concluding the dealings, blaster fire from outside interrupts us, and a Chevin surrounded by a group of thugs. Switch identifies him as Ganga Lor, the one responsable for interrupting Asha and Vazinic’s transport.

Prelude to Defiance II
Part 2

The heroes must infiltrate Blue deck, and liberate the cargo they are looking for.

Prelude to Defiance
Part 1

Seemingly motionless among a sea of starships and satellites above the twinkling world of Brentaal, Sel Zonn Station grows larger in your view every second. A central pylon forms the bulk of the station’s mass, and three landing platforms leading to docking bays extend from the central section, equidistant from one another and jutting out into space. The dorsal side of the station features a disc-shaped secondary structure, on top of which blinking lights indicate the presence of a landing platform reserved for wealthy patrons.



The Dawn of Defiance campaign is more than just a string of adventures. It is a complete story arc that takes in the saga, depth, and emotion of the Star Wars films and translates their core concepts into a unique roleplaying game campaign. Over the course of the campaign, the heroes will liberate worlds from the grip of the Empire, delve into the ancient secrets of the now-extinct Jedi, and feel the bitter taste of betrayal at the hands of a trusted ally.



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