Dawn of Insurrection

Bespin's Cloud City

Searching for signs of Darga

The band of adventurers arrived in the Bespin system quietly, without arousing suspicion, several days before the beginning of the Grand Inter-Sector Sabacc Tournament, which is to be held in Cloud City’s largest and most oppulent hotel, the tournament’s historical host, the Yarith Bespin Hotel.

When they arrived in Cloud City, they immediately began searching for clues about Darga’s whereabouts using various methods. Asha began scouring docking codes and clearances to find where Darga’s yacht could be stashed. Meanwhile, the rest of the team started gathering information from potential sources in Cloud City’s underground.

After some digging, they were approached by a couple of Ugnaughts, named Feire and Keire, who after some hesitation, told them about a Tibanna gas syphoning operation being conducted in a certain area of the city. The party headed out, and after some preliminay scouting, they ambushed these rogue Ugnaughts. After a failed attempt at tracking the shipment’s destination, they returned to the first two Ugnaughts, who further aided them by telling them that a known acquaintance of Darga’s, a shady Rodian dealer named Qualog would be meeting with a human, a Baron Kithriss.

This Baron Kithriss, originating from Chandrilla, was part of a new breed of nobles who had sprung up after the Clone Wars, and they were complete psychophants to the Emperor.

Qualog’s store is infamous for its ability to procure “special merchandise” in Cloud City’s restricted environment, and it is located in the lower, un-patrolled levels. The group thus heads out to find out more about this meeting, but alas, they are too late to set up an ambush and are not able to catch the Baron and his retinue of guards unawares. These were a couple of female Theelin, wearing energy propulsor shields, and apparently ex-clone troopers.

After a short but vicious battle, in which Stragos’ and Content Not Found: null eagerness got the better of them, the baron’s group was dispatched, but unfortunately there were no survivors. However, they were able to recover a credit chip containing 5000 credits, a security clearance card, allowing the carrier and 4 “guards” to carry personal weapons, and one of the Theelin’s shields, as well as a keycard for a room in the Yarith Bespin Hotel.

After disposing of the evidence (by chucking it over the side into the unfathomable abyss below), the group headed to the hotel, where they found clothing, a terminal and not much else. However, after some waiting, just as they received a message from the Banshee indicating the arrival of an Imperial Star Destroyer in the Bespin System, they receive a cryptic message in the terminal.


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