Dawn of Insurrection

Felucia and the Imperial Infiltration Mission

The fungal "paradise"

Felucia is a marshy planet with a habitable atmosphere. It is home to giant flora and fauna (specifically giant fungi). The group stocks up on equipment and supplies.

The group begins the journey to Felucia, aboard the Banshee, and it lasts a couple of days. We land a day’s trek from the Imperial compound, so as not alert them to our presence, and they hand us rations for 5 days. They also hand each of us 2 energy cells.

The group starts marching, and as the hours progress, they can’t shake the feeling of being observed. After a couple of hours, as they rested, Vaznic and Rhobacca detected a humanoid wearing a stormtrooper helmet apparently following them. They shot him, and subsequently discovered he’d been dead for a couple of weeks. Asha took apart the helmet and salvaged some pieces of hardware, and the group moved on.

Later on, they came across an abandoned Clone Trooper outpost, and Rhobacca narrowly avoided stepping on a pool of acid.

AS they continued, Vasnic managed to detect one of the locals following them, but not before it disappeared among the foliage.

Later on we stumbled across a bone graveyard, of what seemed to be Rancors (beware!).

As the light grows dim, we reach another encampment. There, Rhobacca spots a recently slain stormtrooper and a couple of the locals hiding in the “reeds”, but before things escalate, a human, naming himself Vazus Mandrake interjects and pleads for everyone to stand down. He used to be part of a mercenary outfit, but is now retired, and lives among the Felucians, breeding quibuks (horses that stand on their hind legs). Vaznic detects that the two felucians are greater than average force-sensitive beings. When we tell him of our anti-Imperial sentiments, his demeanor changes immediately and he gladly takes us to the felucian town. The town Chief, a clearly older felucian, Varduk. We managed to convince him that we mean him and his no harm, and that our misión to infiltrate the Imperial installation might benefit the town. He explains that the installation is the source of a great evil, many of his people have disappeared inside, and when he sent a couple of shaman to investigate, they were repelled by the evil emanating from it. He offered us lodging for the night. Meanwhile, Asha overheard several younglings moaning in pain, and informed the others, and subsequently Kinsa was able to treat their toxin exposure.


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