Dawn of Insurrection

The Information Hunt

Demos, The Resurgence & Vatusk

After a harrowing escape from Inquisitor Valin Draco‘s forces in Cato Neimoidia aboard the Banshee, the team begins to interrogate Demos for information regarding Stragos’ sister, Darga‘s hideout and the infamous Inquisitor himself. Regarding the sister, his knowledge only went so far as to when he delivered her to Draco; what he did with her later, Demos was not privy to that information. As to Darga, he said that there are plenty of small palaces and fortresses owned by Darga, but the surest best to find him would be to track one of his fences, located in Vatusk, who’d be able to point us in the direction of his hideout (for the right price, or right information). Last but not least, he only passingly mentioned Draco belonging to some sort of secret Imperial order, and his dealings were short and abrupt.

With nothing further to glean from him, the team shot him out in a life-pod after dropping out of hyper-space near a mining facility, before jumping once again, this time heading towards the frigate Resurgence. Unbeknownst to most of the crew, Kinsa, in an effort to avoid Demos potentially becoming a problem down the line, asked and got 94-P to plant a time-delayed explosive in said escape pod, set to go off a couple of hours after having released it, and several hours before its programmed arrival to the mining facility. She implemented this ruse in order to salve the conscience of the more squeamish members of the team. What they didn’t know couldn’t hurt them. However, when the explosive went off and Demos was killed, his life force fading away into the empty void, both Vaznic and Stragos felt the shock of its vanishing ripple through their link to the Force, but attributed to equipment malfunction or another type of mishap thanks to some subtle prodding by Kinsa.

When the team arrived aboard the Resurgence, they were immediately debriefed while Jedi Master Denia was taken to sick bay to recuperate. They recounted what had ocurred on Cato Neimoidia, sparing some of the details of the Imperial delegation. Afterwards, Kinsa asked to speak to Admiral Varth personally, and informed him that one of the members of said delegation was in fact a double agent, since they had seen her in Senator Organa’s palace when they had been there.

After this, they rested up, and the following day they made their way to Verdusk aboard the Banshee. Jedi Master Denia, now more recuperated, began instructing Stragos and Vaznic, and later instructed Vaznic to land on Verdusk to undertake a special trial that all Jedi Initiates must undertake. Meanwhile, Kinsa and 94-P would go to Verdusk station and find information about Darga’s fence.

Vaznic descended to Verdusk surface, with Rhobacca and Asha accompanying him, as much to reconnect to a forested planet, which they yearned for, as to hunt the famous tripanthers, with their glorious chameleon-like hides. Vaznic emerged after the third day with a new since of purpose and inner knowledge, while Rhobacca, who had tried to stealthily kill a couple of tripanthers from long range, barely grazing them, until finally, disgusted with himself, he gave up. However, he was ambushed by a waiting tripanther, and he sliced its head off with his vibro-machete with one fel blow, gaining its prized cloak.

Meanwhile, on the station, Kinsa and 94-P began their search in one of the bars, where after a bit of sabacc gambling and buying some drinks, she got the location of a fence, named Garala Kuk, known to deal with several Hutts in the sector. Once there, after haggling for some specialized equipment, she was able to glean the fact that Darga was apparently hiding somewhere in Cloud City on Bespin. Now it was the team’s job to find him and capture him.


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