4th degree droid, heavy weapon & demolition specialist


Str 2 Dex 2 Con – Int 0 Wis 1 Cha 1
Attack Grenade launcher +8 Blaster pistol +7
Dmg Grenade launcher +8 Fire flash gren. +6 Stun gren. +5
Defense Tough 10 Parry 17 Dodge 17 Flat-footed 14

Mechanics (Disable device & explosives specialist) 10 Know tactics 6 Athletics 5 Perception 7(9) Stealth specialist 8 Pilot 5 Repair 4 Know tech 4

Feat (Core ability: specialist)
Sapient(b), Firearms training(b), Tough(f), Exotic weapon Heavy weapons, Integrated tools (Grenade launcher), Repulsor unit, Armor training, Heavy armor training, Attack focus (Grenade launcher), Weapon specialization (Grenade launcher)

Favored feats
Master Plan (Tactician battle CPU), Tough

Improved sensor pack (low light vision 2 perception)
Diagnostic pack (
2 Mechanics Disable device & Explosives)
Gyroscopic (+5 knock prone)
Automap (Blindsense 10r/12sq)


94P is an industrious droid always looking to help his human masters, his stubborn nature strongly based on logic make him difficult to develop best human interactions.
94P strongly defends droids rights not always having empathy with human feelings and objectives.


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