Dawn of Insurrection

Cloud City's Grand Sabacc Tournament

Treachery amongst the clouds

The cryptic message read thus:

“Observe transaction that occurs between ”/characters/darga" class=“wiki-content-link”>Darga’s agent and the Empire’s emmissary during the tournament".

At the same time that the Star Destroyer Assiduous had entered the system, it was accompanied by a transport, and the Imperial ship also disgorged a shuttle that quickly made its way to the planet’s surface.

Meanwhile, the group decided to infiltrate the sabacc tournament using a pronged approach, to better their chances of finding the meeting place and both VIP’s. Vaznic, partly funded by the party and partly by himself, paid the entrance fee to the tournament, hoping to catch a glimpse of the potential transaction, Rhobacca accompanied him as a bodyguard/hanger-on.

On the other hand, Kinsa knew the tournament’s head of security, a human named Jak Mandelbrot, who happened to be a former high security agent in Coruscant in the times of the Republic. Using this contact, and her credentials, she managed to get herself, Stragos and Content Not Found: null hired as extra security for the tournament, seeing as he was short-handed and in need of good people.

Switch was also aware of our presence in Cloud City, and offered us an opportunity: if we could rig the game for his favourite as the winner of the tournament (by any means we could think of without arousing suspicion), we would be rewarded with 5% of the winner’s take. This would happen to be a Twi’lek starship captain who went by the name Koro’mo Moro.

The first couple of days of the tournament went by without much trouble (people tried to smuggle in weapons, several of which the guard party members were able to find and confiscate).

There were several high profile players in the tournament, but the most important of these were: Criska, an aggressive Rodian; Silas Dreiver, a suave human; Lady Miroarna Fioro, a billionaire Hapan noblewoman; Koro’mo Moro, the Twi’Lek starship captain; Vol Sasai, a female Neimoidian, and Liutenant Armin Arandis of the Imperial Navy.

At the end of the second day, however, once the party had returned to the noble’s room in the Yarith Bespin, they found a message addressed to them that said:

“I know what you’re up to. We need to speak”

Assuming trouble of a sort, the party decides to investigate the message. However, Stragos and Kinsa decide to move on ahead, taking advantage of their stealthier natures. When they reached a loading platform, being patrolled by a couple of jetpack-wearing winged guards, however, Kinsa commed back to the others to move up, inadvertently triggering the ambush set up for them.

After a vicious fight in which several winged guards were killed, and in which Kinsa was brutally wounded (half of her lower jaw was incinerated by a blaster rifle shot), the party was victorious, albeit not any closer to knowing who had sent the message luring them to the ambush.


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